Here at Milk Float HQ we are big fans of tackling charity problems creatively, so if you are too here's a quick 9 tips and trends in events we noticed.... hope it gives you inspiration! If you'd like to sponsor an event with The Old Milk Float just click >> HERE <<

Top 9 Creative Events Trends

(1) Play Games: The trend for games and interaction is always a great starting point, definitely one to get on, a great example being the boys from fire hazard building a lazer maze (just like the film entrapment) at our very own Milk Float Event! Guests crawled, rolled and jumped through high tech lazer beams to steal paintings, keeping any they managed to escape with. For me, recreating movie games was another key creative stroke, question is, which movie would you like to be in?

(2) Allow Anarchy: What a year, what a night! The delirious, insane (and sadly now defunct) Scrap Club was the most anarchic event ever hosted in London. In a nutshell? A warehouse, a room of old televisions, and a sledgehammer. You do the math(s), utterly unbelivaballs. (

(3) Learn Stuff: Following years of wide-eyed techno nights, last year proved the start of a terrific trend towards events which EXPAND your brain rather than destroy it (As nicely evidenced by the 'think' section on the excellent Run Riot website). So get your clever noggins round to science club at the Book Club ( and learn something new about space and the universe.

(4) Defy Conventions: As always festivals are a hot-bed of creativity, so lets see what they're doing! Out of all the 100s of toilets on Secret Gardens festival site last year one had the back cut out, and behind it lay a secret stage that partied all night! Only those that used this cubicle made it there, and this brilliant spin on conventions trend is one wed love to see more of this year! (

(5) Enjoy Your Restrictions: What happens when you want to fit something in, but can't? Festivals once again played a vital role in this problem with Bestival's wishing tree. The tree was just too small to fit a bar in it... solution? Simply make it smaller, serve minatures, and have it staffed by midgets. Midgets?! Genius. (

(6) Make a Point: Innovative Credit Crunch night costing only £10 anyone? This £10 got you credit on a fictional stock market which ran all evening. Not only could guests play this as a game, a trend mentioned above, but it also determined the price of drinks at the bar! Crash and boom, peak and trough, this was interactivity at its most cerebral (

(7) Do Total Interaction: Bum Bum Train from Brighton showed why events shouldnt just be a BIT interactive but COMPLETELY interactive, after this lot theres literally no point in going in half hearted! Did you attend? This could, frankly, be the best event ever. In a dreamlike state you wondered from coaching an american football team, to crowd surfing, to riding on a sushi conveyer belt. Think Im talking nonsense? Fly over to the website to see what Im so excited about (

(8) Be Seasonal: Can you really put two of your own events in the top ten?? You bet we can ;) Especially when they are this fun. Four giant xmas food fights in the spotless art gallery custard, potato and spouts flying in all directions. Visit for all the videos, and to learn a bit about introducing (just the right amount of) anarchy into your events, something thats bound to catch on.

(9) Make it Funny: The final lesson here? Wow your audience yes, dazzle them yes, but do it with humour please! The Trash City Circus (originally from Glastonbury) was a roaring, disgusting, decadent tour de force. It showed that sets and lighting and acrobatics are great, and had all the elements we've described above, but at the end of the day it was the laughs that made the night amazing. And what made me tell all my friends. (

So there you have it. Be interactive, be funny, be playful. Tickle peoples minds, expectations and conscious. If nothing else just leave them laughing and youve done a good job. Theyll tell people about your event, and thats all you can ever hope for. Good luck for a creative 2011!

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(Written by John Burtt, The Old Milk Float)

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